Video Services

We are going to start video services soon we hope but until then I made some videos from  recent services.  For more info click read more

We had to divide it up into 10 minute intervals but it is complete.  Please watch and give us feedback.  We are looking for a better way but we hope that this will help in your christian walk with God.  Keep checking for latest updates.  If you would like an email notification for updates please leave us you info.

Damnable Sinners Prayer Pt. 1

Listen and learn why most professing christians are not getting the victory they are searching for when they pray.

Damnable Sinners Prayer Pt. 2

Repeating this kind of prayer could send you to hell without you even being aware of it.

Damnable Sinners Prayer Pt. 3

Part three of a very important message about how to be saved.

Damnable Sinners Prayer Pt. 4

The Kingdom of God Pt. 1

The Kingdom of God Pt. 2

The Kingdom of God Pt. 3

The Kingdom of God Pt. 4

Slide show of The church of God at Lenoir NC

We started holding monthly Bibles studies and now it is a weekly worship service.  This is a short montage of pictures from the last year.


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