These are selected messages from The church of God in Nebo NC.  We will recording in Lenoir soon and posting them here.  I hope that you can enjoy these messages and gain some insights.  May God Bless His word.

* note if you are having trouble with these messages using Mozilla Firefox you can try another browser or there is a plug-in that will allow you to use Mozilla.

Messages from the Lenoir church of God.

Theses messages were recorded in Lenoir NC with poor quality sound so please bear in mind the purpose of these recordings is to give the listener a glimpse of the meetings that we are having at the church of God in Lenoir NC.  They sound much better in person so please come visit and hear it the way we did.  I hope that they will be a blessing and an encouragement to you.

Bro. Casey Davis

Revival in Lenoir

True Salvation Bro. Scott

The Will Of God Bro. Ken

When God Turns Away Bro. Tim

Messages by Emerson Wilson

What is Babylon pt. 1

What is Babylon pt. 2

Bible Study

Unsolved Mysteries: The Mythical Creature Bro. Preston Sanders

Regular Services

Little Is Much Bro. Shane Gilleon

Get Used To It Bro. Preston Sanders

Distorted Truth Bro. Rusty Brown

Judah Shall Go First Bro. Mike Rice

Bringing Forth Fruit Bro. Shane Gilleon

We Would See Jesus Bro. Buren Clark

What Does God Require? Bro. Preston Sanders

A Pure Mind Bro. Preston Sanders

The Standard Bro. Preston Sanders

Don’t Lose Your Vision Of Babylon Bro. Preston Sanders

Do you have eternal life? Bro. Preston Sanders

God has another plan Bro. Mike Rice

The_Kingdom_of_God Bro. Preston Sanders

Where Is Your Confidence? Bro. Preston Sanders

God Shaped Void  Bro. Preston Sanders

Mirrors Bro. Rusty Brown

The Damnable Prayer Bro. Preston Sanders (had some noise in the recording by still audible)

The church of God Bro. Earl Wilson

Godly Inspiration Bro. Casey Davis

The Spirit of Adoption Bro. Casey Davis

Messages from Spring Youth Camp

What Are You Doing With Your Birthright Bro. David Beverly

One Thing Is Needful Bro. Preston Sanders

The Warfare In Our Flesh Bro. Ken Vanbuskirk

Being Led By The Holy Spirit Bro. Seth Harding

These messages are from Marion NC.

Are You Worshipping Satan? Bro. Preston Sanders

God Loves A Comeback Bro. Casey Davis

Wilt Thou Be Made Whole Bro. Preston Sanders

Condemned Bro. Preston Sanders

Faith Without Limits Bro. Bill Blythe

The Hardening Process Bro. Ken Vanbuskirk

For Zion’s Sake Bro. Scott Whitehead

In Bondage To Yourself Bro. Ken Vanbuskirk

Seen In Me Bro. Preston Sanders

Where Are The Lovers Of God Bro. Greg Raney

Be Ye Doers Of The Word Bro. Shane Gilleon


Revival Messages @ Marion NC with Bro. Darren Royer

Living In Canaanland

What Is Hidden In Your Life

Endeavoring To Keep The Unity


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